Serene Lee

Serene Lee

The science of bike riding can get rather similar across the board. Some little tweaks here and there, some new technology and insights once in a while – but there is barely any new dramatic or controversial findings for most parts.

It’s the art of putting together this science that sets different coaches apart. I’m happy to have found Lee to help take my riding up a notch. As I always say, when the mind is good, everything falls into place. For sure, the training works the legs plenty. But it makes it all the more effective and efficient when these workouts closely simulate my upcoming race and works the particular energy system in question.

In short, you look at them on the plan and it makes complete sense! That motivates me to do them, and nail them!

It certainly helps to have a coach you trust. A coach who never ceases to assure. A coach who is always available for advice. A coach who sets weekly programs, but checks back regularly through the week to ensure that all is well and on track.

If not, minor adjustments are made or alternative workouts are set. Such a coach frees my mind and, I think, was the one major thing that made the GC win at Masters Tour of ChiangMai [in early December] possible. There was no pressure to perform whatsoever, but the constant reminder to enjoy myself on the bike. The body relaxes, the pedal strokes smoothen out and there exists the flowing rhythm of a barracuda [‘be a barracuda, Serene!’ cp].

It has been a long time since I felt this at one with the bike.

6 months on, I believe we’re getting into the groove of working together.

Thank you for your dedication to my athletic endeavours, and more importantly, for treating me as a person and not a subject, while coaching me. Cheers to a brilliant 2014 season to come! It will only get better from here on out. 

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