Rafael Leyson Amorganda

Rafael Leyson Amorganda

All credits and gratitude to Lee for all my refinements and breakthroughs. The Crank Punk Coaching System has equipped me with great results in my races.

I first met Lee at the Tour of Friendship and I was astounded by his rendition in his category (open), which happened to have a lot of stout and strong competitors. His domination in the time trial and road stages bewildered me and made me curious on how he conquered the stages.

I knew there was something different in him – he was the Crank Punk coach. I never really realized the significance of being taught by someone professional in the field, until the moment I decided to register with CPCS. I was very gratified with how my fettle and endurance increased in just a small span of time.

Lee knows where he needs to focus and he wanted my weaknesses to become my strengths. Last May I just won my first podium as champion in the Bike United Tour of Subic.

What is great about the program is that you don’t need a lot of miles of training, which is perfect for my working schedule. As Lee stated, quality matters more than quantity.

I remember asking Lee which equipment I should buy next, and he answered that I should concentrate on developing my legs, building power and improving my endurance before I worried about new equipment.

So for those of you who think that your bike and hardware will bring you to the top? Nope! CPCS will…

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