Detlef Jumpertz

Detlef Jumpertz

I signed for CPCS in September 2014 as a way to get myself in shape for the 2015 Haute Route Swiss Alps/Dolomites. Left to my own devices I’d probably finish be able to finish the event, but it would be a real struggle.

Hence, I called in the guru (aka Crankpunk) of CPCS to whip me into a good physical shape and provide structure to my training.

What really attracted me to CPCS was the mix of philosophy (know your body, know when to rest etc) and being able to get a training program that worked around my other family, work and personal commitments.

I’m more of an audax/randonneur than competitive cyclist and I came to the sport late – so I’m coming from a long way behind.  Crankpunk took all of that into account and developed a program for me that firstly built up a very solid fitness base, and is now gearing me up for climbing hills.

The program is flexible and adaptive according to progress, new goals – bespoke is the word. It’s also good chatting on a weekly basis with the guru to fine tune the next week’s training schedule.

I’ve followed the training regime quite well and have noticed marked improvement. Whereas previously I’d be happy to pedal around solo at 25km/hr (and considered that a solid effort), Crankpunk’s training regime has lifted me to be capable of doing 30km/hr solo for a couple of hours at a time. And besides I’m now out riding all my mates by a country mile.

While the Haute Route is still a few months away, Crankpunk’s training has lifted both my confidence and performance level to the point where I feel I’ll be well prepared and ready to tackle the Alps/Dolomites.

Long live the Punk!

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