Bruce Swales

Bruce Swales

Thanks to Bruce Swales, resident of Singapore and member of the ANZA cycling club, for this great testimonial for Crank Punk Coaching Systems!

Bruce is a heart attack survivor, and together, by considering his doctor's advice and reassessing what kinds of goals are attainable, we've improved his health in rather astonishing ways! I'm very proud actually, to be associated with this tough dude whose attitude to all that life has to throw it at him can best be summed up by the line "Is that al; ya got?!l

Crank on Bruce!!!


By Bruce Swales

When I first contacted Lee in 2014 I was recovering from a heart attack that hit me during a race earlier in the year.  I wanted to continue cycling (with my cardiologist’s blessing) and wanted to regain and improve further on my strength, endurance and climbing ability.  Initially hesitant to coach me, Lee agreed and built a training plan focused on those objectives, while not being too physiologically stressful. 

While I ultimately have given up racing I still have personal objectives and goals I want to achieve and Lee’s training is getting me there.  In mid 2015 I achieved one such goal, which was knocking off three of the great TdF climbs – Tourmalet, Solour and Aubisque in three days, and since then have accomplished some significant non-race cycling events around South East Asia. 

My last annual CPET (May 2016) indicated that my V02max was 15% higher than a year ago, my maximum heart rate was 180 (not bad for 56yo) and my anaerobic threshold heart rate was 86% of HRmax.  I could not have achieved these results without a structured training programme tailored for me and great coaching.

I find Lee an exceptional coach, no doubt anchored by his own successful cycling career.  He listens to both how I am feeling and what the training numbers are saying, and on a weekly basis modifies my training plan accordingly, never losing sight of my long term objectives.  He is accessible, communicative (we talk and review progress and goals weekly), highly experienced, and of particular significance to me he was prepared to coach me even though I am not 

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