What is CPCS

CPCS is CrankPunk Coaching Systems.

CrankPunk Coaching Systems grew out of CrankPunk.com, which began with me, Lee Rodgers.

Bear with me here: this will take five minutes to read but if you are about to trust a coach to get you stronger and faster and about to send that coach your hard-earned money, you deserve to know why you should do that.

You won’t get a bunch of slick marketing speak here because I'm sure neither of us can be bothered. 

CrankPunk Coaching Systems comes with the same no-nonsense, get-on-with-it attitude you'll find in the articles I write about cycling. This extends to my approach to training, riding and racing. I know how to get strong, I know how to make a comeback, I know how to manage tight time schedules and I know how to win - and most important of all, I know how to effectively communicate these things to others so that they too can achieve their dreams and make improvements - in short, I know how to coach.

Coaching Packages

1-2-1 Coaching Packages

This is the full-contact version of The CPCS Way. No headguards, no teeth protectors, just full on, full gas coaching!...


Group & Club Coaching

Some people like to train with friends or are couples or siblings determined to march up the Path to Glory together...


CPCS Coaching Capsules

These pre-written plans offer the opportunity for every cyclist to become a CrankPunker and to make significant gains...


Sponsored Athletes & Training Camps

Think you'd be a good ambassador for CrankPunk Coaching Systems?...


Crankpunk Coaching Testimonials

Kris Guns

Not only is he Flaandrian, his last name (really) is Guns. How can a combination like that ever fail?!...

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Bruce Swales

Thanks to Bruce Swales, resident of Singapore and member of the ANZA cycling club, for this great testimonial for Crank Punk Coaching Systems!...

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Richard & Pamela Toft

My wife and I once again signed up to do the Anchor House Ride for Runaways, an annual fundraising event that is 500 miles over 7 days....

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