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Lee’s Lowdown: The Mongolia Challenge!

Sunday 4th September 2016

Lowdown: They say a change is as good as a rest, well Lee Rodgers has taken it to the next level to tackle the Mongolia Challenge for the fourth time. This week's Lowdown is not the normal Lowdown, bu...

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The gamification of indoor training

Friday 29th July 2016

Indoor trainers may be loathed by many, but the latest technology makes them not just efficient, but fun as well. Lee Rodgers explains....

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The Success of Trickle Down Doping

Friday 26th February 2016

Trickle Down theory is generally a term used to describe the belief that if high income earners are thrown a bucket load more dirty cash by way of pay increases, bonuses, tax relief and the like, then...

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Lee’s Lowdown: Is It Millar Time?

Thursday 18th February 2016

David Millar: Ex-pro rider, ex-doper and now 'Doping Supremo' for British Cycling. Controversial would cover it and Lee Rodgers explains, in his usual forthright way, why Millar should not be working ...

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Iron Deficiencies: training with weights to get stronger & faster

Tuesday 26th January 2016

Most cyclists would rather lose a few non-essential digits than risk ever putting on weight, so the idea of going to the gym to actually pump iron would have many fleeing to the mountains to cram in a...

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Best birthday gift for Pantani not praise, but an acceptance of responsibility for our part in his demise

Wednesday 13th January 2016

Twitter is alive with praise for a man who lived a tragedy, doped for years on EPO and the rest and then on to the nightmare that is a serious cocaine addiction....

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Time to train

Monday 26th October 2015

Too busy to get as much time on the bike as you’d like? Don’t worry—Lee Rodgers explains that the secret to improving your performance is to train smarter, not longer....

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Zero tolerance is the only way to stop taking the piss

Tuesday 21st July 2015

I wouldn’t wish it on anyone really but, if pushed, I could think of several other candidates from the world of cycling better qualified to get a cup of piss thrown over them at the Tour de France tha...

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Lee’s Lowdown: The Everesting Phenomenon

Tuesday 23rd June 2015

Ride Mount Everest? That sounds crazy, but think about it; find a local hill and ride up it so many times to equal the height of the Worlds highest peak. Lee Rodgers is about to tackle 'Everesting' an...

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