Taiwan KOM Challenge 2018 Training Plans Available

Taiwan KOM Challenge 2018 Training Plans Available

Posted on Tuesday 24th July 2018

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Entered the 2018 Taiwan KOM Challenge on October 26th? Need a training plan? Taiwan KOM Challenge official coach Lee Rodgers can help.

Note: The first 25 riders to email me at lee@crankpunk.com receive a 15% discount code off the usual $150US price of this 12 Week KOM Plan.

[Head directly to Plans on Training Peaks]

Want to 'do a Nibali' and complete the Taiwan KOM Challenge on your best time possible? 

Well, you've come to the right place! 

In my role as Comms Director and Official Coach of the Taiwan KOM Challenge, and having raced and ridden the mountain several times, I'm well placed to off advice and training plans on how best to get you up that massive, scary and ultimately beautiful hill!

My 12-Week Taiwan KOM Training Plan is now available to purchase on Training Peaks. The plan is designed to work over 4 phases: Base, Stamina, Power and finally Tapering. However, assuming most riders who have signed up for the KOM are already fit to a certain degree, the early stages are peppered with speed and power work also. My plans are never boring, for sure! 

The plan also assumes you are working most of the week and averages out at about 12.5 hrs a week over the 12 week period, with some weeks obviously being more, as on some weekends we strive to get as much climbing in as is possible. Notes accompany the plans which instruct riders how to adapt the workouts to local terrain, time available, etc.

I rode as a professional for 7 years whilst working 40-50 hrs a week so I know the challenges of this kind of schedule, however I competed all over the world against the very best riders in cycling and know that my plans work - because I used them myself!

Please head to my Training Peaks Coaching Account to see this plan and some of the others I also have available.

If you are looking for more detailed training, please email me at lee@crankpunk.com.

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