CPCS Rider Venky Navanasi Solos To Victory in Bangalore!

CPCS Rider Venky Navanasi Solos To Victory in Bangalore!

Posted on Tuesday 24th July 2018

Crank Punk Coaching Systems cyclist Venky Navanasi wins Bangalore 2Go Master's Championships

It's been a great week for CPCS riders with first Taylor Price winning the Niseko TT and then Venky Navanasi winning the 2Go Master's Cycling Championships in Bangalore, India.

Venky solo'd away for his second win in three weeks, riding alone for 22km on a hot and dusty course. The win was all the more impressive as Venky had been seriously ill with influenza the week before, and unable to ride on the Friday before Sunday's race. 

Working with Venky has been a pleasure. He's one of my most consistent riders and puts his heart into every hard ride I set him. As always with new clients, we sat down and worked out his strengths and weaknesses and began to work to turn him into a more completer rider. Last Sunday's victory is evidence of all the hard work he's put in. 

Well done Venky!

On the race, in Venky's own words:

"58km into the 80km race. I looked back and there was a gap. Should I keep going? But, I was not the one who’s supposed to go! Is it too early, too far away from the finish to go solo?

There was no time to hesitate. Only to commit 100% and go all out!

I got into the drops and began to pound on the pedals.

At the U-turn to the start of the final lap, I could see a rider was chasing. And I heard, ‘Go Venky go!’ It was my cue to open the throttle, floor the accelerator, fire up the after burners and burn whatever the hell I had in the tank. It was now or never!"

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