Bicycle Architecture Photography

Bicycle Architecture Photography

Posted on Thursday 20th June 2019

Images to make you smile!

Awesome project this! 

"The Bicycle Architecture Biennale (BAB) is a prestigious showcase of cutting edge and high profile building designs that are facilitating bicycle travel and transforming communities around the world. After a hugely successful first run, the second BAB launched in Amsterdam in June 2019, before starting its global tour. Discover how breakthrough designs are inspiring new ways of thinking about how to create cities fit for the future.

The BAB shows the work of international designers, from all corners of the globe. It shows that cities that put cycling at the heart of urban design unlock massive social, economic and environmental gains. It was conceived by BYCS as a way to inspire people around the world to imagine new possibilities for human-centric cities. It was borne out of our bold mission, 50by30: 50% of all city trips by bike by 2030.

15 projects – from nine countries – have been selected for the BAB. Projects were selected on their ability to demonstrate how design solutions can go beyond the functional, and also lead to healthier lifestyles, more inclusive communities, a cleaner environment or a more sustainable economy.

Maud de Vries, CEO at BYCS
“Cycling is much more than a transportation solution for cities, it is also a powerful force for transformation. Every city or neighborhood has the potential to become a success story through cycling. With this biennale, we want to offer the inspiration to make that happen, so we hope many cities will take up the offer to host the BAB on its international tour.”


Some great images here of urban bicycle architecture, enjoy! 

Xiamen Bike Skyway: This 8km-long bicycle skyway in Xiamen runs along and underneath the Chinese city’s existing overhead Bus Rapid Transit network

China’s first suspended cycle path and the world’s longest aerial cycle lane.

Limburg, The Netherlands. 

Limburg, The Netherlands.

Olhafen Briidge, Raunheim, Germany. 

Nelson Street Cycleway, created from a disused highway, Auckland. 

Nelson St. Cycleway. 

Norreport Station, Copenhaghen. Photograph: Rasmus Hjortshøj – COAST/Courtesy of BYCS

Norreport Station, Copenhaghen.

Ride through the trees. Limburg, Netherlands. 

RheinRing, Cologne. 


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