Why 'We Are The Sport'?


Because we are. The sport lives in every pedal stroke, every chain link, every summit, in everyone who sits on a saddle and pushes off.

To ride because you love it, because it takes you back to childhood, because it makes you smile, because you need it, because it is your therapy, because it keeps you alive, because you feel like you are flying and because you miss the hurt when you don't - this is cycling. 

You are all the keepers of the flame.

We don't only win when we cross that line first.

We win every time we clip in.

 Featured in CycleSport magazine 2012

About Me

I started racing originally over two decades ago, in 1987 at age 15. Stephen Roche got me, on La Plagne, Stage 17. Hook, line and sinker.

I was a 15 year old and loving racing, and wanted to ride Le Tour, as we all did I am sure, but then walked away from cycling altogether when I was 18. I found it hard to contemplate the years of hard work it’d take even if I was to scrape a bare living from the sport and I wanted to travel to far-flung places, but there was one other component in the mix - I eventually came to see no real future for myself in what I’d gradually discovered was a drug-addled sport. My generation was that of the true EPO era, and all I can say on that is that I am glad I never had to make those same choices that so many riders of my generation did – though maybe, when I walked away, I already had.

I came back to the sport in Japan (where i lived for a decade) 19 years later, at 36, after having bough a basic road bike as a way to lose some weight, but the competitive juices returned and I won my first race about two months later. Suddenly i was racing wherever I could and doing well enough, within about 18 months from my return, to get a spot on a Continental team to race in the UCI Asia Tour.

I’m not sure but I may have been the oldest neo-pro in the history of the sport, and certainly was the oldest in the peleton when I raced in the 2012 Tours of Oman and Qatar.

Highlights have been many, but basically I loved racing again and challenging myself to improve, and every ride, even now, still feels like a gift.

Interviewed at the Tour of Oman 2012 

I won the Singapore Road Race National Championships in 2010 and the TT champs in 2011 and 2013, and raced in five or six post-Tour de France criteriums in 2012, against guys like Cavendish, Andy Schleck and Samuel Sanchez around cities like Heerlen and Maastricht with 20,000 mad Dutchmen cheering us on. I raced all over Asia in fascintating places like Sumatra and East Java, China and Brunei, and smiled all the way through the pain. 

I felt like that guy who is sat in the crowd when the last pitcher gets injured, he raises his hand when the manager shouts out if anyone ever played ball. I raised my hand, got the kit on and lived out my teenage dreams, years after I'd first had them.

I eventually went off-road when I finally got back on an MTB after a couple of decades off. I trained on it for two weeks then went and did an easy little race to ease back in, the 7-day, 1000km Mongolia Bike Challenge. Now that was a ride!

And Finally...

A lot of folk now think 'doping' when they think of crankpunk.com, and I sincerely wish that it wasn't the case, just as i wish that the sport was cleaner than it is. But it ain’t. However, there’s a whole lot more to the new crankpunk.com.

Thank you for reading, it's very much appreciated.



1. A device for transmitting rotary motion, consisting of a handle or arm attached at right angles to a shaft

2. A clever turn of speech; a verbal conceit: quips and cranks. 3. A peculiar or eccentric idea or action


(pŭngk) n.

1. Slang

a. A young [or old] person, especially a member of a counterculture group. b. An inexperienced man.

2. Punk rock.

Crankpunk Coaching Systems

I often talk about 'feel' and 'flow' and it is one that is facilitated by better communication between mind and body. With CPCS we re-establish that link.


CrankPunk Limited is the consultancy side of CrankPunk.com and provides the following services:

  • Writing
  • Product Testing
  • Athlete Sponsorship Programs (identification and management)
  • Marketing Strategy Planning
  • Event Organisation & Consulting
  • Social Media Management

Partnering with CrankPunk Limited offers great opportunities for your brand, event or service to reach out to the international cycling community, to people that truly care about this wonderful sport of ours and are committed bike riders. The idea isn't to set up a brand or service to fleece these good folk, but for the providers of good, solid things to connect with the people that require them.

I don't promote products nor services that either don't work or that I have not tested personally.

Whether you are looking for greater understanding of the emerging Asian cycling scene and its markets, to connect with manufacturers in Taiwan and China, to find the right riders and teams to sponsor, to advertise your products or to get products tested, or for a writer for promotional material, CrankPunk.com is the ideal place to start.

The combination of my racing and event organising experience aligned with my work both as a journalist and as a brand owner and facilitator, as well as being based in the Silicone Valley of the bicycle manufacturing world, Taichung, means that I have the right connections to get things done.

If you are an event organiser and wish to take your race or sportif to the next level, CrankPunk Limited is available to advise on how to attract sponsors, increase participant numbers and can offer other services such as website design and communications management.

Currently I am:

  • Communications Director of the Mongolia Bike Challenge & the Taiwan KOM & the Taiwan Cyclist Federation
  • Official Coaching Provider of both the above events as well as for the Tour of Friendship (Thailand), the Tour of Matabungkay (The Philippines) & Everesting
  • Partnered as a sponsored rider with Lezyne, BlkTec, CCN, 720 Armour, ExtremeEndurance & Velocite bicycles
  • Consulting with the above companies and also with Selle SMP

Please email me at lee@crankpunk.com with any enquiries. 

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