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6, August 2017

Going Legit: How Bond.Bike came to be...

"How about we start making frames? We do the best frames out there, I make 'em, we ride them, we sell them."

"Uh.. yeah, cool!"

That was just over 4 years ago. The product of that conversation (full cutsom geometry and color, lovingly handbuilt in aluminium tubing and specially desogned carbon fork) is to be found on streets around the world and at our Bond.Bike website.

Yes that is correct - CrankPunk went legit. You can read the full story about the ins and outs over on our 'About Us' page but let me say, it has not been easy and we still have a heck of a ways to go. However, I have had some fine feelings on bikes in my time, but none beats looking down and seeing a bike beneath you that you played a part in making come to life. That is indeed something special.

You can also read more about our Bond over on CyclingTips where it received the 2nd highest review score ever  - 9.2/10 - and an unbeatable 10/10 for function. "I can't think of a thing I would change," wrote reviewer Matt Wikstrom.

Read that full review here. 

We are also thrilled to have Emma Pooley, former World TT Champion and Olympic silver medalist riding out bikes (we even made a TT bike for her, and heck, she's winning on it, non-aero aluminium tubing and all). "Best bike I've ever ridden,", she said. Yes sir.

In the meantime, check out some images of our custom Bonds from all corners of the planet below. A Bond frameset comes wuth headset, BB plus adaptor and seatpost, takes 14-16 weeks from order confirmation and costs $2250US. 

We are actively looking for fitters and cycling coaches to form collaborative relationships, if keen please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..







  • Comment Link Wen 28, October 2017 posted by Wen

    Are the 53mm rake forks available separately? Know a lot of brands use tapered forks but on the smaller sizes they don't spec an appropriate fork to get a reasonable trail. AFAIK there isn't a readily available fork with 53mm rake (usually 43 or 45 or only available as a frameset) - so your fork (provided the length agrees) could solve that problem for a lot of people!

    Also just wondering, what trail figure are you using for your bike and Emma's bike?

  • Comment Link Lee Rodgers 1, November 2017 posted by Lee Rodgers

    Hi Wen, we are working on it! Check out the GCN review on Emma's bike on YouTube, very informative!

    Also see our Sense Composites wheels there, co-founded by Emma - we are making 650c wheels.


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