• Everesting

    CrankPunk is the Official Coaching Provider for Everesting. Absolute madness, in every sense! Read More
  • Taiwan KOM

    The world's greatest hillclimb, bar none. 3,275m over 100km. The only way is up! Read More
  • Mongolia Bike Challenge 2015

    The Mongolia Bike Challenge is a crazily epic mountain bike stage race in the Land of Genghis Khan. Get in touch for discounts on registration! Read More
  • More than Sport

    Chuffed to be an ambassador for this wonderful fundraising organisation. Find out how you can make a difference. Read More
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8848 vertical metres of hill repeats!!
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'If I ride up that hill 88 times I'd have basically climbed Everest!' Welcome to the world of Everesting. The rules are simple: choose one hill, go up and down, in one day, until your elevation gain is at 8,848m. What could be easier? 

As the Official Coaching Provider for Everesting, I can help guide you on your journey up your own personal Everest, whether it be with 1-2-1 coaching or through the pre-written, fully-adaptable Everesting Plan. If you're a fan of insanity on wheels, you've found 'home'. Let's get cracking! Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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You're probably sick of Everesting by now but here's my Lowdown on PEZ and yep, it's about Everesting!

Yup, the Lowdown on Everesting! Thanks to PEZ for running this. Click here to go read the article.    

CrankPunk Coaching Systems: 4, 8 and 12 week Everesting coaching plans available now!

I know you want to climb 8,848 meters in one day on one hill, to reach the equivalent height of Everest, so why not admit…

Everesting for Nepal is something we should all be doing!

As the Official Coaching Provider of Everesting.cc and an ambassador of MoreThanSport.org, I'm encouraging everyone I know with a push bike to get out and…

Taiwan KOM, Oct. 30th 2015 - a true test of insanity
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I fell in love with this mountain when I competed in the 2012 edition. 3,275m over 100km, it is a truly mesmerising climb and ridiculously beautiful - and insanely hard! As Director of Communications for the event I co-ordinate with foreign riders and media, and also serve as Official Coach of the event. 

World Tour riders have had to get off and push. Have you got what it takes to get in under the 6-hour cut-off mark? Get in touch at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for coaching advice and event information. 

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Nicole Cooke, multiple-British Road Champion, Olympic & World Champion and first British winner of the Tour de France: 

"That is the hardest climb I have ever done!"

August 21st-30th 2015. Discounts on entry available!
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I've been to many countries but Mongolia has my heart. What an incredible place to ride a bike through, eagles above, wild horses by your side and camels gazing on. Not to mention great poeple to ride with. 7 days in paradise! And NO-WIFI! The 2015 edition is on August 21st-30th.

I'm Comms Manager and, again, the Official Coaching Provider for the event. Get in touch at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details of the race, coaching and for a discount on the entry too!

This isn’t just a bike race. Listed in the top ten hardest MTB events in the world, it is an epic journey. Now, epic is a much maligned word but that is what it is. It’s akin to a climb up Everest, a canoe adventure down the Amazon, a trek across the Sahara and an expedition to the Antarctic. Similar to those immense adventures, the true story of the Mongolia Bike Challenge is one which must be undertaken to be truly understood. 

More Than Sport
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Very honoured to be an ambassador for MoreThanSport.org, the organisation set up by triathlete Chris Lieto to raise funds for people in need around the world. More Than Sport is hosting the fundraising for our Everesting attempt up the Taiwan KOM mountain, and also will soon announce a partnership with the Mongolia Bike Challenge. Stay tuned for ore details on how you can get involved on CrankPunk.com, or head over to the MTS website. 

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"MORE Than Sport™ athletes do MORE than compete to win. We inspire others to help those the world forgets.

This is our motto, our way of life, our mission, and over the past 4 years we have helped raise over $750,000 for our charity partners all over the world."