Group & Club Coaching

Group Coaching

Some people like to train with friends or are couples or siblings determined to march up the Path to Glory together (no Roads to Ruin around here), and if this sounds like you then the group coaching plans will be ideal.

There are several discounted deals available for 2 or more clients working together, it all depends on how much work is collective and how much individual. We can work that all out with a Skype call and through information you'll provide through the CPCS Questionnaire. 

I'm flexible. If you are too then we will work something out.


Club & Team Coaching

I also work with clubs and teams to provide coaching also. For example, I am the Preferred Coaching Provider for the ANZA Cycling Club from Singapore, which has 300+ members. The teams and clubs I work with receive great discounts on all levels of CPCS coaching plans as well as special offers on CrankPunk kit and products in the CrankPunk store. 

If there are specific events that members are getting ready for I can write specific race plans and am willing, if enough members are keen, to travel out and hold training camps on location.

Again, I'm flexible and open to ideas. Feel free to enquire.


 FOR INFORMATION on all of the above, please email me, details on the CPCS main page.