CPCS Coaching Capsules


Written with every last drop of my hard-earned experience and dastardly cunning, these pre-written plans offer the opportunity for every cyclist to become a CrankPunker and to make significant gains, irrespective of budget or available time for training.

Several plans are in existence:

  • The RaceReady - a 6 week plan designed to get you cranking for 'that race' (can be extended)
  • The PowerUP - a 3 month plan used by riders of all levels to push through plateaus and take it up a notch or 3
  • The Rookie - does what it says, this one will take the rider new to training from green to mean in 3 months
  • The WinterLand - 2/3 months, we'll keep you warm and in form in the dark months & ready to go in spring
  • The Tour of Friendship - as official coach to this event and a winner in 2013, I can get you ready to rock in Bangkok
  • The Taiwan KOM Challenge - climbed this beast 5 times now & it never gets easier: every pitch is burnt into memory
  • The Everesting - 1/2/3 month plans for this mad challenge, as official coach I'll get you ready for 15-24 hours of ouch
  • The Mongolia Bike Challenge - done this twice now, amazing but hard, together we can get through it. 1-12 month plans available

These plans come color-coded and with guidelines to allow for tinkering, to your own individual TrainingPeaks account that are set up by CPCS and are easy to follow. With my written and video instructions you'll quickly learn how to adapt them to fit your life and schedule for optimal gains at a great price. They also include a free consultation call where I will explain how it works and answer any questions.

Other plans are in the fire, and if there are any missing you think CPCS should have, send in a mail, details on the CPCS main page. Suggestions always recommended. As ever, send in an email to the same address for more info and to get cracking!

Cost: US$10 per week