Sponsored Athletes & Training Camps

Sponsored Athlete Programs

Think you'd be a good ambassador for CrankPunk Coaching Systems? Do you ride with a disability or do a lot of work for charities through your riding? Are you a student working on a tight budget?

Get in touch with me and perhaps we can work something out.

Training Camps

Located in Taiwan, CPCS is offering tailored training camps all-year round. If you are a group and want a plan designed that will take in the sites and get you roaring fit, we can do that. If you are an individual and interested in joining a group, or wanting to get a fully individualised plan set up, please get in touch. A more dedicated section for these training camps will be up on CrankPunk.com soon but all enquiries are welcome.

Also, stay tuned for news on a special series of CPCS Training Camps in Spain later in the year. 

FOR INFORMATION on all of the above, please contact me, details on the CPCS main page.