1-2-1 Coaching Packages

The FullOn 1-2-1

This is the full-contact version of The CPCS Way. No headguards, no teeth protectors, just full on, full gas coaching!

Included is:

  • Fully personalised coaching plan
  • Free TrainingPeaks.com client account
  • Weekly Skype call, daily email/Watsapp contact as required
  • Continual re-assessment of condition & goals
  • Nutrition & weight training advice if required
  • 15% off all CrankPunk clothing
  • 10% off all CrankPunk Shop items (unless already discounted)
  • 50% off coaching for one month for introducing new CPCS members

The FullOn1-2-1 Plan begins with a Skype assessment call after the potential client has filled out the CPCS Questionnaire, allowing me to identify strengths and weaknesses and to identify goals, covering several topics from personal likes and dislikes to local training terrain and time available for training. 

Weekly calls allow us to closely chart progress and other elements such as fatigue and/or sore muscles, meaning that the risk of overtraining is very much limited if not altogether cut out. The FullOn 1-2-1 client can email, skype of even Watsapp me just about whenever and I will amend the plans immediately in most cases, so they they best for the client's schedule - perfect for when life, work or the weather affect training.

The other plans work but nothing will get you fitter and stronger faster than The FullOn 1-2-1. Focused contact allows me to provide the optimal training schedule for each FullOn client.

As a client of this plan, you'll be part of a select group of only 20 clients, limited because any more would prevent me from providing the care and attanetion that the people on the premier CPCS training package deserve. 

If you want to get cranking and fast, and feel the need for a motivational boost and professional expertise that only a hands on coach can provide, then The FullOn 1-2-1 Package is for you. 

Places are limited so please enquire about availability and with any questions to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Cost: US$50 per week


The MiddleMan Plan:

The semi-contact version of The CPCS Way, but no less intensive on the road or trails. The coaching plans are still fully-personalised (that is guranteed), but with less contact.

Included is:

  • Fully personalised coaching plan
  • Tri-weekly Skype call, bi-weekly email
  • Bi-weekly assessment of condition & goals
  • Nutrition & weight training advice if required
  • 10% off all CrankPunk clothing
  • 5% off all CrankPunk Shop items (unless already discounted)
  • 25% off coaching for one month for introducing new CPCS members

The major difference here between the FullOn 1-2-1 and the MiddleMan Plan is the level of communication. This is ideal for those not requiring the added motivation that the weekly calls and regular emails bring, and for those who are adept at adapting the coaching plans to suit last minute impacts on their available time to ride.

The MiddleMan Plan is no less personalised though and several existing CPCS clients find it perfect for their needs, seeing them improve in every facet of their cycling.

Like all CPCS plans, this works.

With a little smart riding and common sense schedule management guided by myself, you'll be cranking in no time.

Contact me for more information and with any enquiries, details on the CPCS main page.

 Cost: US$29.99 per week




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