I coach people the way I train myself, and it works no matter whether you have just eight hours a week to ride or twenty.

Ride smart, rest well. Simple.

It works, and it leaves you still feeling human by the end of the week.

I ask my clients not to think of their form as a peak with a summit but as a wave, one that is continuous, one that ebbs and flows. If you think about your condition as a mountain then where does one go once the pinnacle is reached? Much better to imagine the perfect wave with that reserve of mighty power at its base, strength through its middle and the finesse of its outer edge.

As waves lose power once they crash into white water, we want to avoid that with our form. Instead, as we move forward we take time to focus on the consolidation of gains made and of the preservation of advances. We strive to build condition that isn't fleeting but will last. It has to be something you can tap into at will. In this way the rider begins to understand their limits and to avoid overtraining as well as learning what to do to push past those perceived limits.

We build that foundation of power, then go upwards, adding strength and finally top-end speed until that wave is unstoppable, and then it is that process of ebb and flow that comes into play, of force and rest. But this isn't some long, laborious process - sure, the longer you stick at it the deeper the gains, the deeper the reserves, but you will feel improvements if you take up with CPCS coming in as little as ten days for fast responders, two or three weeks for others. 

I often talk about 'feel' and 'flow' and it is one that is facilitated by better communication bewteen mind and body. With CPCS we re-establish that link.

After all, you have the world's greatest computer and one of the planet's most incredible machines all under your own skin.

Get those two clicking and improvements come thick and fast.

This isn't though a 'one size fits all' kind of coaching though.  We are all different, so together we will work out what is the absolute best way for you to be ready to rock come your day.

I know what works because I know how to win.

That sounds terribly cocky but it's not, it’s confidence.

Most people do not rest enough and when they go hard it isn’t focused enough. They often ride to bolster their strengths rather than concentrating on their weaknesses. I know how to address these things and how to get the gains coming.

My training methods rely on the rider using a PRE gauge to measure effort – this is the Perceived Rate of Exertion, on a scale of 1 to 10, which can be adapted to suit riders who use power meters.

It isn’t just about the coaching plans, it’s about changing the entire way that you approach the bike, from re-working your riding form to learning to free the tension that competition brings. 

Whichever CPCS plan you choose, they are all designed to fit you, not the other way around - even the Coaching Capsules, the pre-written plans, are accompanied by information on how to make them fit individual schedules and fitness levels.

We sacrifice enough to this machine though, so why should we also give up the fun of it all?

CPCS is about reconnecting you to your passion. It’s about becoming that kid again whilst at the same time optimizing your abilities to their fullest. Personally I know nothing more enjoyable on the bike than riding and feeling like I'm floating, like I have power to spare and I am in full control. If that doesn't bring a smile to your face, there's something wrong with you!

Whether your aim is to win the national championships, surviving an Everesting, getting through a Haute Route or to lose some weight and hammer your mates to bits on the Sunday group ride, with CrankPunk Coaching Systems you will become faster, fitter, and stronger.

And that is guaranteed. 


Which Program for you?

Excellent question. CPCS training packages come in a few different wrappings. We have the:

The Full 1-2-1 Program

The MiddleMan Plan

CPCS Coaching Capsules

Club & Group Coaching

Specific Event Coaching

Please head to the CPCS main page for more details on each of these.




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