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Richard & Pamela Toft

Testimonial here from Richard and Pamela Toft!




My wife and I once again signed up to do the Anchor House Ride for Runaways, an annual fundraising

event that is 500 miles over 7 days.


We have done the ride in the past, this time round was my 13th and her 10th, doing our usual training, which consisted of

riding as much as we could with some hard efforts, but mainly just putting in miles. In 2013 we followed

that formula and had one of the worse rides ever.


Fast forward to 2015, we decided that we never wanted to feel that bad on the bike again. The 2015

edition of the ride was going to be a tough one, and we decided we needed help, enter Lee Rodgers, Mr.

CrankPunk himself.


Lee interviewed us, asked our goals and formulated a plan, the only thing we had to do was follow the

plan, simple enough.


We followed and followed and followed, like the cycling minions we are. At first it was hard to

understand what exactly we were doing and why, but let me tell you, on the ride this year I know exactly

why we did the sometimes hard and grueling training sessions on the trainer. Lee put together a plan

that focused on getting us through the ride without us feeling like we just went through a war.


We came to the ride prepared and finished even stronger. One point in the ride, on day 6, at the end of an 80 mile

very hilly day, we were getting close to the hotel, and the guys we were riding with were ahead. We had

another guy on our wheel. When the light changed, we accelerated up the hill at an amazing speed and

caught the guys we were riding with, that’s when I know everything came together. We were able to

catch up and ride in with the group, past years we would have just trickled in. The guy on our wheel was

no place to be found.


My wife and I ride a tandem, which if you ever rode one, is quite demanding physically, and Lee’s

training plan made the 7 day ride pleasurable.


Lee made adjustments in our schedule as life events popped up, and made sure we were comfortable

with what work we needed to do. He was great to work with and I can’t say enough about his approach

and support he provided throughout the entire training cycle.


Thank you Lee Rodgers, we’ll be back for some more CrankPunk training… Crank On!


Richard and Pam Toft