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CPCS is CrankPunk Coaching Systems. CrankPunk Coaching Systems grew out of CrankPunk.com, which began with me, Lee Rodgers. Bear with me here: this will take five minutes to read but if…
I coach people the way I train myself, and it works no matter whether you have just eight hours a week to ride or twenty. Ride smart, rest well. Simple.…

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Sponsored Athlete Programs Think you'd be a good ambassador for CrankPunk Coaching…

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  Written with every last drop of my hard-earned experience and dastardly…

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Group Coaching Some people like to train with friends or are couples…

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The FullOn 1-2-1 This is the full-contact version of The CPCS Way.…

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  • Barry Davies

    “How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the KOM” I was way out of my depth training in hot Read More
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Crankpunk Blog

Day One of Our Bike Tour in Matsushima, Miyagi Ken, Japan

What a trip that was, myself and my photographer friend Paolo Penni Martelli headed over to Japan for a 4 day trip to ride aorund Matsushima Topwn, whch is about 300km north of central Tokyo. We ate, We rode, we drank, we had a heck of a time, Paolo took…
Posted on 13, March 2017