21, April 2015

New Events page up and running


Your friendly neighbourhood CrankPunk gets about a bit and when I'm not writing about dopers, their dealers and enablers I actually have a day job as a cycling coach and an event organiser. 

On the new Events page you can find info on the Taiwan KOM Challenge, a brutal and beautiful 3,275m 'hill' climb (October 30th), the whole Everesting mularkey that I'll be doing in June, and also some stuff about my collaboration with More Than Sport, a fine organisation that raises funds for great cuases around the world through working with athletes and various sporting events.

Finally there is Mongolia Bike Challenge, one of the world's toughest MTB stage races, a 7 day adventure over the wild steppes of the country that brought the world Genghis Khan. It is a mind-blowing experience. I've ridden it twice and I'll be there again tis year, August 22nd to the 30th. 

Anyone interested can get in touch with me and receive a 150 euro discount off the entry fee!

See the Events page for more details by clicking this large button here, thanks.


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