23, June 2015

You're probably sick of Everesting by now but here's my Lowdown on PEZ and yep, it's about Everesting!

Yup, the Lowdown on Everesting! Thanks to PEZ for running this. Click here to go read the article.    

21, June 2015

CrankPunk Coaching Systems: 4, 8 and 12 week Everesting coaching plans available now!

I know you want to climb 8,848 meters in one day on one hill, to reach the equivalent height of Everest, so why not admit…

10, June 2015

Everesting for Nepal is something we should all be doing!

As the Official Coaching Provider of Everesting.cc and an ambassador of MoreThanSport.org, I'm encouraging everyone I know with a push bike to get out and…

20, April 2015

Everesting up the Taiwan KOM Challenge mountain /or/ The 24-Hour Hill Climb

  On the weekend of July 4/5, I will be attempting to climb Hehuan San (also known as Wuling), Taiwan's highest passable mountain at 3,275m,…

5, April 2015

CrankPunk: Official Coach of Everesting.cc

  I met Andy Van Bergen at last year's Taiwan KOM Challenge when he came over to cover the race for CyclingTips.com. He mentioned this…