20, October 2016

Lee's Lowdown on PEZ: Sagan's World

I whooped and I hollered when he crosed that line, I'll admit. Brilliant stuff. Read my take on the men's World Champs RR here.

12, October 2016

Lee's Lowdown on PEZ: The Woeful Worlds of Doha

My take on the Worlds in Doha. Also on Sagan's year and that of Armistead. Read all about it by clicking this massive blue button. 

5, October 2016

Lee's Lowdown: The mental side of winning

Yes another incandescent installment from myself on PEZ, this week featuring a look at Rosa's loss at Il Lombardia and what it takes to make the right decisions…

5, April 2016

Lee's Lowdown: Sagan the Chosen One

He's a breath fo fresh air for sure and a brilliant World Champ, but are we building Sagan up to the savior of our sport?   Read more…

17, February 2016

Lee's Lowdown: Is it really Millar Time?

Yeah.  I mean... No. Lord, please no...   Read all about it here.

27, January 2016

Lee's Lowdown on PEZ: Crash, Bang, Wallop!

Yup, it's that time again, my weekly Lowdown column is up on PEZ, looking this week at the three big crashes of the early season. Please click here…

25, January 2016

CrankPunk on The Roar: Review of the Santos Tour Down Under 2016

I've recommenced my weekly column on another cycling/sports website, The Roar out of Australia.  Head over there by clicking here for my review of the 2016 Santos Down Under!…

13, January 2016

Lee's Lowdown: Tom & the Classics

My weekly Lowdown column on PEZ this week looks at the increasing popularity (frenzy might be the word) of the Classics and why this might be, with a…

12, January 2016

Decision on destruction of blood bags from Operation Puerto imminent, outcome either way potentially huge

Anti-doping may have a new champion: police officer Enrique Gomez Bastida. This from The Independent: In the coming days – it is unclear when exactly but this month – ­Madrid’s…

6, January 2016

Lee's Lowdown on PEZ: My Alternative Awards for 2015

My first Lowdown article in 2016 looks back over 2015, awarding prizes for the good... and the bad! To find out who had the hottest bike and who…

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