6, November 2017

Riders Loses His Sh*t After Collision With Team Car

Chinese Continental rider Wang Xin was clattered by a Swiss team car at the Tour of Hainan the other day, got back on his bike then chased down…

2, November 2017

Recently retired pro Claudia Lichtenberg offers her thoughts on her recent Taiwan KOM ride

When I invited Claudia o the Taiwan KOM Challenge 2017 I must admit that though I knew of her, it took Emma Pooley to pull me aside and…

6, August 2017

Going Legit: How Bond.Bike came to be...

"How about we start making frames? We do the best frames out there, I make 'em, we ride them, we sell them." "Uh.. yeah, cool!" That was just…

13, March 2017

Day One of Our Bike Tour in Matsushima, Miyagi Ken, Japan

What a trip that was, myself and my photographer friend Paolo Penni Martelli headed over to Japan for a 4 day trip to ride aorund Matsushima Topwn, whch…

25, January 2017

Lee's Lowdown on PEZ: Boonen Goes Disc

I love disc brakes, I cannot lie, and it seems Tom Boonen does to, as he's announced he's racing on them this year.  Read my take on this…

18, January 2017

Lee's Lowdown on PEZ: The Joy Of The Coffee Bean

Coffee!  You gotta love it. This week's lowdown examines the love affair between cycling and the humble coffee bean. Click here to read more. 

11, January 2017

Lee's Lowdown on PEZ: My Cycling Addiction

Let’s look at the facts. I do indeed have a compulsive need and use for a habit-forming substance. Thankfully that substance is not cocaine or heroin (which may…

21, December 2016

Lee's Lowdown on PEZ: Phinney spot on about power meters

'This is what he had to say recently about power meters: “We’re in this place in the sport where it’s like ‘watts, watts, watts, go up to altitude, boom,…

14, December 2016

Lee's Lowdown on PEZ: Cycling in JAPAN!

Yes, 4 weeks of riding in this amazing country ahead, here's a report and images from my first week, hosted by PEZ. Please click here to read the…

8, December 2016

Lee's Lowdown on PEZ: Cycling in Taiwan

An article here for ny weekly column on PEZ about riding in Taiwan! Hope you enjoy, click here for more.

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