14, December 2016

Lee's Lowdown on PEZ: Cycling in JAPAN!

Yes, 4 weeks of riding in this amazing country ahead, here's a report and images from my first week, hosted by PEZ. Please click here to read the…

12, September 2016

Paolo Penni Martelli's images from the 2016 Mongolia Bike Challenge by Selle SMP

Awesome stuff. Check out Paolo's cycling instagram here:       View the embedded image gallery online at:

1, February 2016

CP Spotlight: Matt O'Connor cycling photography

Wont as I am to do when I should really be doing work, I was perusing the intranet the other day when I found some cool cycling photos…

27, January 2016

Possibly the best cycling photo ever?

What a photo! Thanks to Storm Hale for posting this. If you have any great shots send em in, here on the CrankPunk FB page! P.S. since posting…

24, November 2015

Mongolia Bike Challenge: 'Biking Wonderland' film by Nel Chan

Nel Chan, journalist with, has made a superb short film that really captures the beauty and action at the Mongolia Bike Challenge 2015.  Nel, many thanks!  Folks,…

5, November 2015

Lee's Lowdown on PEZ - the Taiwan KOM Challenge report

Yes, my work here is done. 6 months in the making, the Taiwan KOM Challenge is officially over.  There were thrills, spills and bellyaches, a lot of laughs…

8, September 2015

Images from the Mongolia Bike Challenge 2015

I came back fromt he 2015 Mongolia Bike Challenge utterly spent, having not just raced the event (I came 10th overall) but also having worked it too -…

25, July 2015

Brandon Semenuk's unReal segment

Yes, proper dope Enjoy!

7, July 2015

Cranking in Taichung

Some days I set off to ride a century and I start seeing stuff and I end up stopping and doing 40km in three hours. The joy of…

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