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5, December 2016

Second Wind Magazine: Get Mental To Get Better

Then we tend to head to the third stage where we “just ride”. We get into a rut, we keep doing the same thing over and over because,…

11, November 2016

Second Wind Magazine: The Beautiful Pain of the Taiwan KOM Challenge

It's been a pleasure to have worked on the Taiwan KOM Challenge these past years, and this year's was just abiut the best yet. Here on Second Wind…

27, October 2016

Second Wind Magazine: A Beginner's Guide To Racing

"And now you’re here. You have arrived and you stand on the brink. You’re about to enter the competitive side of the maddest, craziest sport in the world.…

20, October 2016

Lee's Lowdown on PEZ: Sagan's World

I whooped and I hollered when he crosed that line, I'll admit. Brilliant stuff. Read my take on the men's World Champs RR here.

11, October 2016

Second Wind Magazine: Ditch The Ego To Become A Better Rider

My second bi-weekly column for Second Wind magazine! This week, the importance of taking a break!    'Many of the world’s professionals still take the traditional entire month…

28, September 2016

Time for a power meter re-think: CP in Second Wind Magazine

I was recently contacted by Second Wind Magazine, a cycling publication run out of Singapore, to send in an article that would be part of a two-part series…

15, September 2016

Lee's Lowdown: Quintana finally rocks it

Quintana finally woke up! And Froome got all antsy. Bring it on. Read my take on the Vuelta 2016 here!    

5, August 2016

Lee's Lowdown: The Return To Japan

Just returned from a trip back to Japan, read all about it here! Click here to head to the article.  

9, February 2016

CP Column on The Roar: The era of 'Wretched Entitlement'

This week on my column on The Roar, I look at what i call 'wretched entitlement' - riders dioping, denying, and expecting that the world owes them something…

3, February 2016

More evidence of a motorised bike? Or stigmatizing unfairly?

Could this be more evidence of mechanical doping? Or is it, as the original poster asks, an optical illusion? Have a ganders here on Carbon Addiction.     …

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