4, April 2017

Crank Punk Coaching Systems Testimonial: Tom Little

I had the pleasure to work with Tom Little, originally from the UK and now living in Dubai, for just about two years, until injuries and that pesky…

21, December 2016

Lee's Lowdown on PEZ: Phinney spot on about power meters

'This is what he had to say recently about power meters: “We’re in this place in the sport where it’s like ‘watts, watts, watts, go up to altitude, boom,…

5, December 2016

Second Wind Magazine: Get Mental To Get Better

Then we tend to head to the third stage where we “just ride”. We get into a rut, we keep doing the same thing over and over because,…

27, October 2016

Second Wind Magazine: A Beginner's Guide To Racing

"And now you’re here. You have arrived and you stand on the brink. You’re about to enter the competitive side of the maddest, craziest sport in the world.…

11, October 2016

Second Wind Magazine: Ditch The Ego To Become A Better Rider

My second bi-weekly column for Second Wind magazine! This week, the importance of taking a break!    'Many of the world’s professionals still take the traditional entire month…

5, October 2016

Lee's Lowdown: The mental side of winning

Yes another incandescent installment from myself on PEZ, this week featuring a look at Rosa's loss at Il Lombardia and what it takes to make the right decisions…

28, September 2016

Time for a power meter re-think: CP in Second Wind Magazine

I was recently contacted by Second Wind Magazine, a cycling publication run out of Singapore, to send in an article that would be part of a two-part series…

30, July 2016

Getting the most out of the indoor trainer

A bit unseasonal for most of us I know, but even in summer the indoor trainer can and should be utilised from time to time. Such a painful,…

29, July 2016

Crank Punk Coaching Systems: Testimonial from Kris Guns

Not only is he Flaandrian, his last name (really) is Guns. How can a combination like that ever fail?! Kris and I have been working together a few…

17, July 2016

Crank Punk Coaching Systems: Kris Guns qualifies for the World's Masters

In only his third ever race, Belgian CrankPunker Kris Guns, who resides in Hong Kong, put in a great ride to qualify for the World's Masters road race…

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