14, December 2016

Lee's Lowdown on PEZ: Cycling in JAPAN!

Yes, 4 weeks of riding in this amazing country ahead, here's a report and images from my first week, hosted by PEZ. Please click here to read the…

20, October 2016

Bond.Bike: The Start of a New Journey

Well, here we are. Almost three years in the making, my co-founders and I have finally launched our new bicycle brand, Bond.  Head over to www.Bond.Bike to check out…

30, July 2016

Getting the most out of the indoor trainer

A bit unseasonal for most of us I know, but even in summer the indoor trainer can and should be utilised from time to time. Such a painful,…

19, July 2016

Top 10 cycling books from The Guardian

Some cracking titles in this list compiled by The Guardian, and quite a few I'm going to have to pop out and see if I can get hold of as…

10, June 2016

Lee's Lowdown: Groningen sets the bar for cycle-friendly cities

'It’s surely no coincidence that when Ford, who declared that ‘the war on the car stops here!’ as soon as he got into power (and just after he…

8, June 2016

Groningen, Cycle City

Every city on earth should do this...    

6, June 2016


'Sometimes being lost is another way to be found.' Amen to that...

4, June 2016

Bikes vs Cars

Waiting for this to download, here's the trailer, thanks to my old buddy Ross Struthers for this! Looking forward to watching this later in full, available on…

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