11, November 2016

Second Wind Magazine: The Beautiful Pain of the Taiwan KOM Challenge

It's been a pleasure to have worked on the Taiwan KOM Challenge these past years, and this year's was just abiut the best yet. Here on Second Wind…

17, November 2015

Lee's Lowdown on PEZ: USA Cycling gets a cheer and the Giro in Japan just sounds daft

Yup, PEZ time for my column, once again thanks fellas for the space to splurge! Click here to head to the article. 

27, October 2015

Lee's Lowdown on PEZ: the Taiwan KOM, Sagan & car-free Oslo

My Lowdown column on PEZ this week sees me dicsuss the awesomeness of the Taiwan KOM Challeng (at which I am currently working), Sagan's Worlds win being voted…

19, July 2015

Chinese cycling movie To The Fore

Originally entitled 'Breaking Wind' in English but thankfully revised, Hong Kong director Dante Lam's new movie featuring a whole lot of cycling, To The Fore is to be…

10, June 2015

Everesting for Nepal is something we should all be doing!

As the Official Coaching Provider of and an ambassador of, I'm encouraging everyone I know with a push bike to get out and get climbing. Simple…

24, April 2015

"In this life when the road comes to an end - will you keep pedaling?"

  Kyle Dempster and The Road from Karakol. More and more cycling is becoming something to me far beyond - and maybe even exclusive of - the stuff…

21, April 2015

New Events page up and running

  Your friendly neighbourhood CrankPunk gets about a bit and when I'm not writing about dopers, their dealers and enablers I actually have a day job as a…

10, April 2015

The delights of a Taiwanese bike ride

Taiwan is the hidden gem of Asia, one of its best kept secrets. The food is great and varied, the people are generally friendly and good-nartured, and, best…

8, April 2015

Korea's bike industry booming

Cycling in Asia is growing at a healthy rate each year, with South Korea seeing an unprecedented boom in bike sales, up 10% in 2014 from 2013.  The…

31, March 2015

Hong Kong's ban on the e-bike is all about economics

Image by Damian Barrett   The e-bike. Simple enough concept right? A bike with a motor that runs entirely on electricity. The e-bike is a contraption that could…