15, September 2015

Velocite Flux 29er Review

It's not often a bike arrrives, gets test-ridden a couple of times then gets smashed head first into one of the hardest races on the…

4, May 2015

Review: Velocite Magnus Generation 3

  Disclaimer: Velocite sponsor me, but this is a bike the earlier version of which I reviewed in 2010 and I gave that one a…

18, February 2015

Mini-Review: Focus Cayo 4.0 Disc

Blessed with friends in high places because I’m usually on my knees, your friendly neighborhood crankpunk went for a ride with a friend who works…

12, February 2015

World Exclusive New Bike Preview! The all new VELOCITE SYN

Velocite is a bike brand located in Kaoshiung in southern Taiwan, headed by husband & wife team Victor and Jessica Major. I got to know Victor…

18, December 2014

The Crashtag™ by Elevengear review

the guys at Elevengear got in touch about a new identify thing they call Crashtag, asking me if i was interested in checking it out,…

24, September 2014

Xenton Prio Road Bike Review, by Farsell Burst

Tired of reading fawning, sycophantic bike reviews that seem to have been written more in fear of losing advertising revenue than anything else? Fear not!…

19, December 2013

2013: Kate Smart's Review

by Kate Smart It’s that time of year when we reflect on the year that was. So, in no particular order, and, at times, with…

9, October 2013

reasons to be cheerful #1- my 720 Armour sunglasses

i like them first of all because they say 'screw you american spelling rules!'  and that'd be reason enough. surely. but i do like the…

28, November 2012

Review: Rapha Transfer jacket

Crankpunk ain't never gonna wear no freakin' wire, man but I will come clean and spill the beans just about any day of the week. I'm…

26, November 2012

review: Ultegra Di2

uh. it's brilliant. thanks for reading. oh you want more? well i guess i could try, but the conclusion will be the same...


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