23, November 2015

Ride the Taiwan KOM Challenge 2015 on KinoMap

Frenchman Nicolas Raybaud of Specialized France has sent over this awesome video he took using KinoMap technology of the battle at the head of the recent Taiwan KOM Challenge. Yes, the entire race is on here! Check out the amazing footage from the start as the peloton headed up Taroko Gorge and then the sparse beauty of the very top. 
Very impressive stuff, thanks Nico!

A little about KinoMap:
They do fully geolocated videos, meaning that all recordings contain a GPS track fully synchronized with a video. Users can also upload more data than the usual GPS, including cadence, power or heart rate as shown here as an example. kinomap.com is  a free sharing platform dedicated to geolocated videos, to pick up the video you want from over 12,000 videos from 80 different countries so far. 

All of these videos, when recorded on a bike, are available for indoor training using Kinomap Trainer app, available for iOS and Android. Set for cyclists and optimized on various home trainers on which we measure either a speed/cadence or even better a power (in watt) and do change the resistance according to the elevation profile.

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