6, November 2017

Riders Loses His Sh*t After Collision With Team Car

Chinese Continental rider Wang Xin was clattered by a Swiss team car at the Tour of Hainan the other day, got back on his bike then chased down the car and gave those inside a piece of his mind - and his fists, his feet, and, almost, his bike pump.

I totally understand the anger that was driving him. I remember seeing other riders brought down by motos and cars in my time racing, one crach actually broke a guy's vertebrae, in the Tour of Korea in 2012 (I think - these things get hazy these days). Apparently in the incident on Hainan, the guys in the car didn't apologise which if true, is a dick move. Had they done so, this might not have escalated. 

I think Wang went too far here but, I remember a Japanese team car bumping me in once race - I could easily have smacked the driver had he been close enough. I didn't come down and didn't see them at the finish, by which point I'd calmed down. Yet another part of me is kinda proud of the guy for not taking any shit, for getting one back for the riders. I know, I know, the guy who got beat down might not even have been the driver but, heck, a car weights what? A ton? One or two inches more and Wang could be in a serious situation.

We all remember Flecha and Hoogerland being hit in the Tour, and the French media guys in the car also did not apologise afterwards. Had Hoogerland and Flecha rolled in and cracked the crap of of that driver we'd all liklely give them a Mulligan on that one.

Thanlks to my friend Aaron Lee for posting the original article on this. 



  • Comment Link Jon 6, November 2017 posted by Jon

    Is thst Taiwanese lager strong stuff?

    Almost unreadable with all those typos!

    Spellcheck is your friend.


  • Comment Link Lee Rodgers 11, November 2017 posted by Lee Rodgers

    Point taken, one of those days...

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