CrankPunk Limited is the consultancy side of and provides the following services:

  • Writing
  • Product Testing
  • Athlete Sponsorship Programs (identification and management)
  • Marketing Strategy Planning
  • Event Organisation & Consulting
  • Social Media Management

Partnering with CrankPunk Limited offers great opportunities for your brand, event or service to reach out to the international cycling community, to people that truly care about this wonderful sport of ours and are committed bike riders. The idea isn't to set up a brand or service to fleece these good folk, but for the providers of good, solid things to connect with the people that require them.

I don't promote products nor services that either don't work or that I have not tested personally.

Whether you are looking for greater understanding of the emerging Asian cycling scene and its markets, to connect with manufacturers in Taiwan and China, to find the right riders and teams to sponsor, to advertise your products or to get products tested, or for a writer for promotional material, is the ideal place to start.

The combination of my racing and event organising experience aligned with my work both as a journalist and as a brand owner and facilitator, as well as being based in the Silicone Valley of the bicycle manufacturing world, Taichung, means that I have the right connections to get things done.

If you are an event organiser and wish to take your race or sportif to the next level, CrankPunk Limited is available to advise on how to attract sponsors, increase participant numbers and can offer other services such as website design and communications management.

Currently I am:

  • Communications Director of the Mongolia Bike Challenge & the Taiwan KOM & the Taiwan Cyclist Federation
  • Official Coaching Provider of both the above events as well as for the Tour of Friendship (Thailand), the Tour of Matabungkay (The Philippines) & Everesting
  • Partnered as a sponsored rider with Lezyne, BlkTec, CCN, 720 Armour, ExtremeEndurance & Velocite bicycles
  • Consulting with the above companies and also with Selle SMP

Please email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any enquiries. 





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