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27, January 2016

Lee's Lowdown on PEZ: Crash, Bang, Wallop!

Yup, it's that time again, my weekly Lowdown column is up on PEZ, looking this week at the three big crashes of the early season.…

27, January 2016

Possibly the best cycling photo ever?

What a photo! Thanks to Storm Hale for posting this. If you have any great shots send em in, here on the CrankPunk FB page!…

26, January 2016

Film by Trainer Road on Justin Rossi's attempt at 2015 US National Amateur TT title

Ever wonder what it takes to be really damn fast on a bike...? My cycling buddy Dave Christensen also happens to be a film maker…

25, January 2016

CrankPunk on The Roar: Review of the Santos Tour Down Under 2016

I've recommenced my weekly column on another cycling/sports website, The Roar out of Australia.  Head over there by clicking here for my review of the 2016…

21, January 2016

Iron Deficiencies: training with weights to get stronger & faster

Most cyclists would rather lose a few non-essential digits than risk ever putting on weight, so the idea of going to the gym to actually…

20, January 2016

Gene doping of athletes recorded in 2006...

Read and shake head.    And here is another article about genetic doping, with this image attached, showing the effect of modifying genes in mice.  Figure…

20, January 2016

Lee's Lowdown: Caleb the Conqueror

An oddly upbeat one from me this! And not a mention of doping... Let's just hope he's clean! Read the full Lowdon on PEZ here.

16, January 2016

DarkLight: literally brilliant


13, January 2016

Best birthday gift for Pantani not praise, but an acceptance of responsibility for our part in his demise

Twitter is alive with praise for a man who lived a tragedy, doped for years on EPO and the rest and then on to the…

13, January 2016

Lee's Lowdown: Tom & the Classics

My weekly Lowdown column on PEZ this week looks at the increasing popularity (frenzy might be the word) of the Classics and why this might…

13, January 2016

Santini tacitly condoning doping

Does this disturb anyone else out there? Happy Birthday to the greatest climber of them all. Rest in peace Pirata. #madeinitaly #ilpirata #santini pic.twitter.com/RV94jZWCpF —…

13, January 2016

Cycling in Amsterdam: their is hope for our cities!

Sat here outside a cafe in Taiwan enjoying a double dose of pollution with my latte. Lovely. However, there is an alternative, it just takes…

12, January 2016

Decision on destruction of blood bags from Operation Puerto imminent, outcome either way potentially huge

Anti-doping may have a new champion: police officer Enrique Gomez Bastida. This from The Independent: In the coming days – it is unclear when exactly but this…

12, January 2016

'What Goes Around': book preview

In and out of all this," writes the reviewer Rob Penn of Emily Chappell's new book on her career as a cycle courier in London,…

11, January 2016

Rabottini's tale of woe quite pathetic but worth scrutiny

“We met on the street, I bought a vial of EPO of 5,000 units, and a syringe that was sealed. I paid 300 Euros. I…

7, January 2016

Review: The Program by Stephen Frears

All I can say is thank f&ck that you can fast forward films on airplanes, as it allowed me to cut down the pain of…


Crankpunk Coaching

Did I mention that I do coaching? No? Well, I do coaching! Some testimonials below:

"I was the most skeptical guy you could find where personal trainers are concerned, believing that getting fit and strong was just a matter of application and consistent hard work.…" Read more >>
"I signed for CPCS in September 2014 as a way to get myself in shape for the 2015 Haute Route Swiss Alps/Dolomites.  Left to my own devices I’d probably finish…" Read more >>
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Peter Easton of Velo Classic Tours dropped by for a chat a few months ago, and he's just released it as a podcast. He asked me about journalists shirking their…

22nd Jul, 2015
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LR: Eddie Gragus [former pro and US Postal rider in 1996] on Facebook said that you've ben drinking the Kool-Aid. It seems that your reputation has been tarnished as a…

1st Apr, 2015
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Scott Mercier rode as a professional cyclist between 1993 and 1997 then retired. He rode for Saturn, Levi Leipheimer's old team, from 1993 to 1996 and then had one year…

30th Mar, 2015
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It's not often a bike arrrives, gets test-ridden a couple of times then gets smashed head first into one of the hardest races on the planet, having to carry my…

15th Sep, 2015
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  Disclaimer: Velocite sponsor me, but this is a bike the earlier version of which I reviewed in 2010 and I gave that one a very similar review. As ever…

4th May, 2015
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Blessed with friends in high places because I’m usually on my knees, your friendly neighborhood crankpunk went for a ride with a friend who works in the industry and was…

18th Feb, 2015
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