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28, April 2016

Lee's Lowdown on PEZ: Business As Usual

Hup! The weekly dose, looking at sexism and that old favorite, doping. Read it here. 

19, April 2016

Lee's Lowdown: Chemechanical doping, it's all the same...

Yup, this stuff is getting so silly that I have had to write about it again. Click here to read all aboit it on PEZ...…

13, April 2016

Lee's Lowdown: Paris-Roubaix Reigns Supreme

Boom. What a race! Read all about it here...

5, April 2016

Lee's Lowdown: Sagan the Chosen One

He's a breath fo fresh air for sure and a brilliant World Champ, but are we building Sagan up to the savior of our sport?…

30, March 2016

Lee's Lowdown: Belgian Bereavement

Sad sad week for cycling... Read my take on it here. 

17, March 2016

Lee's Lowdown: What TA and PN mean for the Classics

Two Lowdown's in one week? Yup. Enjoy...

16, March 2016

Crank Punk Coaching Systems: One victory and 3 double flats from last weekend's racing

To Hong Kong first, where Kris Guns of Belgium, currently residing in Hong Kong, suuuuuumashed the field to bits in the HK Dragons 47KM ITT,…

14, March 2016

Lee's Lowdown: The Taipei Bike Show

The Taipei Bike Show was on last week and I headed up to check it out.   Read the article and see the images from…

8, March 2016

Lee's Lowdown on PEZ: The Strade Bianche

What a cracking race that was...   Read my take on it here.

2, March 2016

Lee's Lowdown: Classic Classics

Get ready for something new (or at least not very common): a Lowdown on PEZ that is not about doping! Well, GVA is in there,…

26, February 2016

The Success of Trickle Down Doping

Trickle Down theory is generally a term used to describe the belief that if high income earners are thrown a bucket load more dirty cash…

22, February 2016

The inspirational Alex Zanardi

He is The Dude.  

19, February 2016

CPCS' Tom Little wins the motherflipping race!

HUP! First first place of the year to Tom Little, who also won whilst working with me last year too! The blurb: 'One of the…

17, February 2016

Lee's Lowdown: Is it really Millar Time?

Yeah.  I mean... No. Lord, please no...   Read all about it here.

13, February 2016

CrankPunk Coaching Systems' Craig Raynes bags 2nd place

Craig Raynes, originally from Oz and now living in Bangalore, has been working with me for a few months now and is seeing his hard…


Crankpunk Coaching

Did I mention that I do coaching? No? Well, I do coaching! Some testimonials below:

"All credits and gratitude to Lee for all my refinements and breakthroughs. The Crank Punk Coaching System has equipped me with great results in my races. I first met Lee…" Read more >>
"Ian Hilt, top of the podium CPCS has helped me improve in a few different ways.  I remember reading an article by Lee that really caused me to think about why I…" Read more >>
"Thanks to Bruce Swales, resident of Singapore and member of the ANZA cycling club, for this great testimonial for Crank Punk Coaching Systems! Bruce is a heart attack survivor, and…" Read more >>




Peter Easton of Velo Classic Tours dropped by for a chat a few months ago, and he's just released it as a podcast. He asked me about journalists shirking their…

22nd Jul, 2015
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LR: Eddie Gragus [former pro and US Postal rider in 1996] on Facebook said that you've ben drinking the Kool-Aid. It seems that your reputation has been tarnished as a…

1st Apr, 2015
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Scott Mercier rode as a professional cyclist between 1993 and 1997 then retired. He rode for Saturn, Levi Leipheimer's old team, from 1993 to 1996 and then had one year…

30th Mar, 2015
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It's not often a bike arrrives, gets test-ridden a couple of times then gets smashed head first into one of the hardest races on the planet, having to carry my…

15th Sep, 2015
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  Disclaimer: Velocite sponsor me, but this is a bike the earlier version of which I reviewed in 2010 and I gave that one a very similar review. As ever…

4th May, 2015
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Blessed with friends in high places because I’m usually on my knees, your friendly neighborhood crankpunk went for a ride with a friend who works in the industry and was…

18th Feb, 2015
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