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12, December 2014

what to do about Astana and Nibali?

DoctorNurse (aka Stephen Nurse-Findlay) commented on my article from last week about Astana & Alexander ‘ChimneySweep’ Vinokourov and my call from them to be turfed from the sport.…

3, December 2014

Tejay van Garderen reminds us all that the thing these guys do is not the same thing that we do

[caption id="attachment_5146" align="alignnone" width="830"]<img class="size-full wp-image-5146" src="/images/wordpress/2014/12/jose-meiffret.jpg" alt="definitely not TvG and LA" width="830" height="606" /> definitely not TvG and LA[/caption] i read about LA motorpacing…

21, November 2014

Will Routley interview

"We are all part of this sport and we need people to believe in it again" Will Routley, cracking fella, was fortunate enough to entice…

10, November 2014

Matt Cooke Interview: 'You would never know their names if they had never taken drugs'

American former professional rider (he has just retired at 35) Matt Cooke came on the radar screens at crankpunk HQ when he commented on an…

24, September 2014

Xenton Prio Road Bike Review, by Farsell Burst

Tired of reading fawning, sycophantic bike reviews that seem to have been written more in fear of losing advertising revenue than anything else? Fear not!…

19, December 2013

2013: Kate Smart's Review

by Kate Smart It’s that time of year when we reflect on the year that was. So, in no particular order, and, at times, with…

9, October 2013

reasons to be cheerful #1- my 720 Armour sunglasses

i like them first of all because they say 'screw you american spelling rules!'  and that'd be reason enough. surely. but i do like the…

13, June 2013

Dr. Conor McGrane on The Pat McQuaid File and an extraordinary meeting

you will no doubt be aware of the recent rumblings concerning the nomination of the UCI head honcho Mr. Pat McQuaid, who in his quest…

29, November 2012

interview: Dino Cento of Campagnolo

it's not the most comfortable of situations these days for Campagnolo. once the foremost supplier of groupsets and wheels to the very best cycling teams…

28, November 2012

Review: Rapha Transfer jacket

Crankpunk ain't never gonna wear no freakin' wire, man but I will come clean and spill the beans just about any day of the week. I'm…

26, November 2012

review: Ultegra Di2

uh. it's brilliant. thanks for reading. oh you want more? well i guess i could try, but the conclusion will be the same...


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Peter Easton of Velo Classic Tours dropped by for a chat a few months ago, and he's just released it as a podcast. He asked me about journalists shirking their…

22nd Jul, 2015
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LR: Eddie Gragus [former pro and US Postal rider in 1996] on Facebook said that you've ben drinking the Kool-Aid. It seems that your reputation has been tarnished as a…

1st Apr, 2015
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Scott Mercier rode as a professional cyclist between 1993 and 1997 then retired. He rode for Saturn, Levi Leipheimer's old team, from 1993 to 1996 and then had one year…

30th Mar, 2015
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It's not often a bike arrrives, gets test-ridden a couple of times then gets smashed head first into one of the hardest races on the planet, having to carry my…

15th Sep, 2015
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  Disclaimer: Velocite sponsor me, but this is a bike the earlier version of which I reviewed in 2010 and I gave that one a very similar review. As ever…

4th May, 2015
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Blessed with friends in high places because I’m usually on my knees, your friendly neighborhood crankpunk went for a ride with a friend who works in the industry and was…

18th Feb, 2015
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