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21, April 2015

First CrankPunk Coaching Systems win of the year!

  "I don't really like crits," said Rafael Leyson Amorganda last Friday before his first of the season.  "Well," I said, "just go and enjoy…

20, April 2015

Apartments + Velodrome = A Slice of Heaven?

Imagine an apartment complex designed not just with cyclists and bikes in mind but with an actual purpose-built velodrome? If that appeals to you then…

20, April 2015

Hein Verbruggen pens an Open Letter to Brian Cookson, and LOVE doesn't get a mention

  Ah. Truly insane. Nothing else to say.  Expect to shed tears, for all the reasons.  I'm not Cookson's biggest fan but maybe he's dong…

20, April 2015

Chris Akrigg reminds us how to have fun - just Bread & Butter, baby

"I'm happy, just going out, with no particular plan, and finding some cool, fun stuff to ride. That's my bread and butter." Hallelujah.  A mantra…

20, April 2015

Everesting up the Taiwan KOM Challenge mountain /or/ The 24-Hour Hill Climb

  On the weekend of July 4/5, I will be attempting to climb Hehuan San (also known as Wuling), Taiwan's highest passable mountain at 3,275m,…

17, April 2015

BMC Racing & A History of Dodginess

Surely just a few bad apples no? It's always those Italians... And the Americans... Erm, and the Belgians... Yeah whatever. This is the American racing…

17, April 2015

"In 2003, Lance Armstrong invented SARS"

'How Lance Armstrong Ruined Everything' by David O'Doherty'. Uh, yes, brilliant.  What a dick. Not David O'Doherty. Lance Armstrong.  The boil that is Lance gets…

16, April 2015

Bike Trains! Great idea from Portland Oregon! Oh, and Polar Bears are EPIC

This made me well up a little, no joke. Lovely little film from Kona about the bike culture in Oregon and how cycling can make…

15, April 2015

Let Them Eat Crack: The Mafia, The Amateur, Dope & Us

Vice Sports recently published an article in which doping in sports was identified rightly as a public health issue, due in large to the increasing…

15, April 2015

King of the Mountain: Rwandan cyclist Samuel Mugisha

Excellent short film here on Samuel Mugisha, a Rwandan cyclist who rides for the national team.  He talks about the terrible genocide his country experienced…

14, April 2015

Graeme Obree, inspired by the great explorers

Today I put up a film about Graeme Obree entitled The Outsider, but unfortunately the original poster had jumped the gun and put up an unfinished version,…

14, April 2015

CP Exclusive: Disc brakes for 2 riders per team in 2015 & 2016

The intraweb has been alight with rumors of disc brakes making their debut on the World Tour in 2016, but they will in fact be…

14, April 2015

Lee's Lowdown action-packed as ever: Degenkolb's balls, Kelly's naughty habit and Sagan's sloppy intestines!

  Yowzers, what a race that was, and what a magnificent ride by Johnny D - I only hope the f$%#er is clean... Read all…

14, April 2015

Why there's more to crossing a level crossing than crossing a level crossing

‘Some people believe football is a matter of life and death, I am very disappointed with that attitude. I can assure you it is much,…

13, April 2015

Einstein, Hemingway, Freddy Mercury and... CrankPunk?

  What do the forementioned chaps and myself have in common?  Large mustaches? Nope, I never got mine going. A penchant for good rum? No,…

13, April 2015

Velo+Panache+CrankPunk = Big Improvements!

  Detlef Jumpertz is an Australian from Canberra who's been on CrankPunk Coaching Systems for a few months now, with a good ride at Haute…


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2015 had nothing on 1937

Posted on 15, April 2015
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LR: Eddie Gragus [former pro and US Postal rider in 1996] on Facebook said that you've ben drinking the Kool-Aid. It seems that your reputation has been tarnished as a…

1st Apr, 2015
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Scott Mercier rode as a professional cyclist between 1993 and 1997 then retired. He rode for Saturn, Levi Leipheimer's old team, from 1993 to 1996 and then had one year…

30th Mar, 2015
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've been riding on BLKTEC's wheelsets and components (stem, bars and seatpost) for almost a year now and though they do sponsor me (I want to make that clear as…

14th Mar, 2015
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Blessed with friends in high places because I’m usually on my knees, your friendly neighborhood crankpunk went for a ride with a friend who works in the industry and was…

18th Feb, 2015
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Velocite is a bike brand located in Kaoshiung in southern Taiwan, headed by husband & wife team Victor and Jessica Major. I got to know Victor thanks to my racing here…

12th Feb, 2015
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the guys at Elevengear got in touch about a new identify thing they call Crashtag, asking me if i was interested in checking it out, so i said yes, so…

18th Dec, 2014
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