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30, June 2015

Australia's Kate Leeming hoping to become first person to cycle across Antartica

Kate Leeming seems to like a challenge. She's ridden across Russia, around Australia and all over Africa and now she's off to attempt to become…

30, June 2015

Fancy the Taiwan KOM but think it's too hard? Then come do the 2015 "The Road to Taiwan KOM" sportif!

The Taiwan KOM Challenge is on this year on the 30th of October, over 100km of climbing from 0m to 3275m, something every cyclist really…

30, June 2015

Lee's Lowdown on PEZ: Why is watching the Tour de France so difficult?

We’ve had our eyes opened and our minds blown by the blasé attitudes to chemical cheating and blood doping and been shocked by the depth…

26, June 2015

Aaron Gwin wins Leogang Downhill World Cup without a chain

Quite incredible this, you have to just stand back and marvel at the skill involved here. Awesome stuff, and check out the video below too…

23, June 2015

You're probably sick of Everesting by now but here's my Lowdown on PEZ and yep, it's about Everesting!

Yup, the Lowdown on Everesting! Thanks to PEZ for running this. Click here to go read the article.    

22, June 2015

Everesting by Josh McLellan

Hup & up. Plan and train for your Everesting attempt with CrankPunk Coaching Systems!  

21, June 2015

CrankPunk Coaching Systems: 4, 8 and 12 week Everesting coaching plans available now!

I know you want to climb 8,848 meters in one day on one hill, to reach the equivalent height of Everest, so why not admit…

20, June 2015

ASO may ditch the UCI but is it for the right reasons?

From today's Guardian newspaper: 'The Tour de France organiser, ASO (Amaury Sport Organisation), has threatened to pull its races from the International Cycling Union calendar because of…

19, June 2015

What happened to me since I stopped racing?

This is why you do it and this is why you are here. This is why you do it and this is why you are…

16, June 2015

Lee's Lowdown on PEZ: Froome, Watts & the Death of Romance

I can't help it. I didn't set out to deliberately have a go at a Sky guy again but, it just happens.  Do I need…

15, June 2015

Taiwan: the best place to ride in Asia?

Taiwan, as I've written before, truly is the hidden gem of Asia. This little island has soke of the best roads I've ever encountered, massive…

12, June 2015

Why every voice counts in the battle against the cheats

I was on Facebook recently reading comments that had been posted on a doping page I'm on under a CrankPunk article link I posted on…

12, June 2015

LieStrong - Lance Armstrong's Body Language Decoded

I know I know, we've all had enough of LA but the fact is that this is really fascinating. Even if you are not at…

11, June 2015

Stephen Frears' 'The Program', based on Walsh book Seven Deadly Sins

So apparently this is happening.  Maybe a young Jack Nicholson would have been perfect casting... 'Heeeeeere's Mellow Johnny!' Said to be out by the end…

10, June 2015

Lee's Lowdown on PEZ: Let's just rename them the UCWhy and be done with it...

Are the UCI flipping useless or what?  Why am I asking you lot that question when I already know the answer? In this week's Lowdown…

10, June 2015

Everesting for Nepal is something we should all be doing!

As the Official Coaching Provider of Everesting.cc and an ambassador of MoreThanSport.org, I'm encouraging everyone I know with a push bike to get out and…


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Did I mention that I do coaching? No? Well, I do coaching! Some testimonials below:

" “How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the KOM” I was way out of my depth training in hot and flat Singapore for a cold 105km uphill bike race…" Read more >>
"I was the most skeptical guy you could find where personal trainers are concerned, believing that getting fit and strong was just a matter of application and consistent hard work.…" Read more >>
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LR: Eddie Gragus [former pro and US Postal rider in 1996] on Facebook said that you've ben drinking the Kool-Aid. It seems that your reputation has been tarnished as a…

1st Apr, 2015
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Scott Mercier rode as a professional cyclist between 1993 and 1997 then retired. He rode for Saturn, Levi Leipheimer's old team, from 1993 to 1996 and then had one year…

30th Mar, 2015
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've been riding on BLKTEC's wheelsets and components (stem, bars and seatpost) for almost a year now and though they do sponsor me (I want to make that clear as…

14th Mar, 2015
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  Disclaimer: Velocite sponsor me, but this is a bike the earlier version of which I reviewed in 2010 and I gave that one a very similar review. As ever…

4th May, 2015
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Blessed with friends in high places because I’m usually on my knees, your friendly neighborhood crankpunk went for a ride with a friend who works in the industry and was…

18th Feb, 2015
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Velocite is a bike brand located in Kaoshiung in southern Taiwan, headed by husband & wife team Victor and Jessica Major. I got to know Victor thanks to my racing here…

12th Feb, 2015
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